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Google Product Forums are a place where people come to get support on issues they are experiencing with the products. Google has so many users of their free products that it is impossible for them to provide live customer service via chat, email or phone.  Enter the Google Product forums. Now Google needs a way that is cost effective to provide support through these product forums. In a ingenious fashion, they have taken to its user base to obtain "support staff." This is done through the Google Top Contributor Program.

To quote Google:

Top Contributors share their Google knowledge to help the world thrive online.

Top Contributors are the lifeblood of Google Help Forums and the wider Google community. Passionate about Google products, they help millions of people around the world.

Why am I telling you about this program. Simply put it's because I a part of this program and I support all things Gmail, Inbox by Gmail, and Contacts related.  I am telling you this to lend credibility to the assistance that I am providing.  As of this writing I have posted over 3,000 comments, with with 300 individual threads marked with a Best Answer. 

Participation in this program has proven to be highly rewarding. I encourage all of you to consider becoming part of the program. The people are great and the feeling of helping so many people is thoroughly satisfying.

Update 10/22/15: I have learned a lot the past few days about why I am a Google Top Contributor. Yes it is an incredible feeling to help all of the users of the Google products I support. Yes it is a great opportunity to come to the Googleplex and learn more about what Google does and how they are working to improve all of the products. But really, the pictures below can best explain what I love the most about this program: getting to meet all of the incredbile people that are part of the program, from Community Managers to Product Managers, to Engineers, and especially the other 900+ Google Top Contributors from around the world.


  1. I need help with my google accountm can u help me?

    1. What issue are you having? It would be better to post in the Gmail help forum


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