Seeking Inbox by Gmail Replacement

As you all are aware from my previous post, Google has announced that Inbox by Gmail is being killed off. Gmail is a great program, but it just doesn't fit the bill for me.
Inbox was a revolutionary change to not just managing your emails, but managing your life. You could hide bundles of emails until a certain time, snooze emails, create reminders, attach reminders to emails, and a whole lot more.

Some of these features have been ported over to the newly designed Gmail over the past few months, but not all of them, and most importantly, not the ones I need (and many others need) the most. These include the bundling of emails, sweeping of bundles, and reminders. Without these features, Gmail and just about any other email program, is not able to help me manage my digital communication.

That is why I am reaching out via my blog for everyone's help. I need either someone to create a proper replacement for Inbox by Gmail with the key features mentioned above, or help me find one that exists. I would love all of the readers of this post to share this with every single one of their followers, to widen then net.

In summary, here are the feature needed the most:
  1. Bundles
  2. Sweep capability of bundles
  3. Reminders (integrated with Google Calendar, Assistant, Home)
  4. Preferably free to low cost
  5. Cross platform
  6. Web and Mobile
Thanks to all that will help with this. 


  1. Thanksgiving to Scott, Reminder use GMail Notes extension (open source), bundle is hard, if only few use Multiple Inbox GMail Add-On

  2. This got sent to me yesterday:

  3. I've been scouring the web trying to find a replacement.
    I agree with all of your priorities - except I'd be willing to pay at least as much as a monthly music streaming service for a good client.
    I've been trying to use gmail and really miss features #1-3, although for #2 I've become used to the key sequence "*-a-y".
    But I need those reminders! It's a little surprising that no other client offers anything comparable given that snoozing, which is similar, has become a common feature.

  4. After seeing bundles in Inbox, it was so obvious that I wonder why this is not available in ALL e-mail clients. From a UX perspective, this gives the best experience, especially when you can decide when bundles are to be shown.

    And trip bundles are amazing, and I found no replacement for this. Any pointers?


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