Inbox by Gmail: Time to Say Goodbye

I guess all the signs were there. Google announced today they are sunsetting (killing) Inbox by Gmail.

It was a great 4 years where I learned so much about helping users. Came up with great workarounds, filled holes where Inbox was lacking, but most of all learned to become so much more productive with my email, reminders, trips, and bundles.

The good news is we still have some time to go before Inbox goes away sometime in 2019. Despite my affinity for Inbox by Gmail, many of the changes, additions, and improvements made to classic Gmail really do make Inbox by Gmail somewhat redundant. Other than being so much easier on the eyes, and much easier to manage, now there is very little differentiation. 

Google made there announcement here and included a nice transition guide here, which, looking back, does seem like a simple reversal of the original Gmail to Inbox transition guide. 

I ain't going anywhere, but for now, will be relearning classic Gmail.

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  1. I have deleted Inbox by Google from my Chromebook and android mobile. Trying to get Gmail to be as useful and as easy but it is not as good in my opinion. Is there a way to type call or email a person and create a task, as there was in inbox? other than setting up reminders that don't link to that contact.


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