Project Fi: Unlimited Data

Finally, Project Fi users can rejoice. Huge news coming out today where Project Fi is offering unlimited data to their users.

Essentially, users will now be post-paying for their data and continue to be charged $20 for unlimited text and calls and $10 per GB of data used each month. So users will no longer get money credited but rather just be billed the following month for the data they actually used. Where the unlimited comes in is a bit complicated, but I will try and simplify as much as possible.

When a user in an individual group plan (i.e. 1 person on the account) they continue to pay $10 per GB of data up to 6 GB each month, so $60 for data for the month. Any data over 6 GB will not be charged and essentially be free. So if you use 10 GB of data, you are still charged just $60 for data. On the flip side, if you paid for 6 GB of data and only used 4 GB, you will be charged $40 for data on the next month's bill.

However, there is a caveat here. If you go over 6 GB you data will still be at full speed up to 15 GB. Once you hit 15 GB your data will be throttled to 256 kbps.  Users will be able to contact support to unthrottle their data speeds over 15 GB and will be charged $10 per GB to return to full speed. This will need to be repeated each month the user gets throttled and wants to unthrottle their dara.

For Group plans, the data caps are slightly different. The data caps are shared across the account and members and range from 10 GB for 2 lines up to 18 GB for 6 lines. The throttling will still only apply to each member individually, not across the group. So if one user hits 15 GB only that user will get throttled until the end of the month. 

Please note, this change will be effective to everyone starting today, this is not an opt in program. 

You can learn more about this new pricing model in the Project Fi Help Center