Inbox: Unsubscribe Assist

So the Inbox team seems to keep adding little features to help us manage or email and the tons of junk we get every day.

Recently a new feature was rolled out to desktop and mobile that makes unsubscribing from some of your junk a bit easier. There is a new setting under Assists called simply Unsubscribe. Turning this on will allow Inbox to provide you with a card to quickly and easily unsubscribe for bulk emails you receive that you don't read. 

Unfortunately I do not have any examples currently in my Inbox to show what the card looks like. However it essentially will show you a question "Unsubscribe from XXXXX?" with an statement letting you know you haven't opened any emails from them in the past month. Two options are presented: Unsubscribe and No Thanks. Choosing No Thanks will dismiss the card and choosing Unsubscribe I imagine Inbox will utilize the unsubscribe link embedded somewhere in the email to perform the unsubscribe without having to search through the message to find the link.

This is another great addition to make our email lives just a bit easier.