Inbox: Follow Up Suggestions

It seems recently the Inbox team has been at it again with their updates to make our lives just a bit easier. Now users have the ability to let Inbox suggest when you have an email you should follow up on.

It appears that this will be expanding the use of Artificial Intelligence and Inbox will help find emails that you have sent and may want to follow up on. If you have sent an email to someone a few days ago, AI may determine that you should be expecting a reply to that email. If you have not recevied a reply, Inbox will bring this email back to the top of your inbox with an indication that you sent the email a few days ago and will ask if you want to follow up on it.

In addition to suggesting responses to emails that you sent, it will use similar AI to suggest emails that you received and may not have replied to yet.

Unlike smart replies, the team seems to have thought people may not like this feature and added a setting to disable this feature.


  1. I've just had a pop up on one of my email asking me if I want to reply: "three days old , reply?" the message says. I'd like to reply instead to Google to tell them to f*** off and not to intrude any further in my life. I do not need them to remind/tell or ask me if I'd like to respond to my mail. I'm very capable of managing my mail myself.


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