Project Fi: Fi Fit Quiz

Ever wondered if Project Fi is a good fit for you? Well starting today, Project Fi is launching the Project Fi Fit Quiz.

What is this Fit Quiz? Simply put its a simple interactive way for potential subscribers to see if Project Fi will be a good fit for their carrier needs?

The quiz can be accessed here.

Users will be able check how Project Fi coverage will be based on travel habits, home, work, etc.  In addition users can get a pretty accurate estimate of what their monthly bill will look like on Project Fi, check device compatibility and see Fi capable phones.  Based on your answers, Fi will let you know if it's the right service for you or not.

This is an awesome new tool that will surely help many people make the leap over to Project Fi and leave the other carriers behind.



  1. I had Project Fi for a while. The signal and coverage were great and the price was reasonable but the fact that Project Fi locks you into using a Google device is why I eventually left. I currently have an Essential phone which would only require a software update to be fully compatible with Fi since it supports both GSM & CDMA carriers like Google phones. But Google uses Fi to sell its old phones. Last Spring they were selling the remaining stock of Nexus devices to Fi customers. Now they are clearing out the first generation Pixels. As long as Google restricts Fi to its own phones I would never consider switching back.


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