Inbox/Gmail: New Contact Warning

We all know that Google and Gmail are very serious about security and the safety of your account. Today the Gmail team rolled out a new security warning that users will see on both Inbox by Gmail and classic Gmail.

Starting today users may see a  yellow banner warning  when Gmail is concerned that an email may have been spoofed. There are a few situations where this warning may be triggered.

  • If you have received an email from a familiar display name but a different source
  • If the email received is from a contact in your contacts but that email address is not listed
  • If you receive an email where the DMARC/DKIM authenticating source has not been used by that sender previously
  • If you receive and email with a "From" address that is different from the "Reply-to" address and the sender doesn't usually send from that "Reply-to" domain
This warning will appear on desktop, Android and iOS for both Inbox by Gmail and classic Gmail. Users will have an option to add this address to their contacts, which is a big deal for Inbox users as there currently is no other built in method to add people to your contacts.

I think this is a great measure at continued efforts for Google to keep your accounts secure.


  1. Thank you. Good to know!
    Something else: Have you noticed that Inbox now send your signature with other mailaccounts in Inbox too? I only recently noticed that and am glad with it! Now only the full addressbook integration and Inbox Will be perfect!


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