Reminders Adds New Types to Mobile

It seems the Reminders team has been at work creating some new options to select when creating reminders on mobile.

These new options can be found during reminder creation in both Google Calendar and Inbox by Gmail. When creating a new reminder users are now prompted with a list of possible types to select as can be seen in the image on the right.

Using Inbox by Gmail, the following automatically happen with each type of reminder (some of these do happen in Calendar as well)

  • Meet: gives you an option to create an event instead of a reminder, but you can still create a reminder
  • Email:  provides a link to create an email to that person
  • Call:  provides a clickable link to open the dialer app to place a call
  • Text: provides a link to SMS and if necessary will ask you to set/choose your SMS app
  • Edit: lets you choose a Drive file and provides a link to open that file
  • Watch: provides you a direct link to the item you want to watch
  • Return: provides options from your existing emails to return items you already purchased
There are others but these are the ones that seem to automate things better. Each of these do also allow you to create a generic reminder related to that type of reminder. 


  1. Hi Scott, I have posted this on the Google Calendar community for help but thought you may already know the answer and be quicker at responding, not exactly on the post but got to try, Roy. When I add a reminder on my android phone it also shows on my Chromebook in calendar, yet when my wife adds reminders on her android phone they do not show up on her chromebook calendar. I cannot see any settings differences on either the mobiles or on the chromebook, but obviously I am missing something.


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