Google Home Shopping with Google Express

More great features coming to Google Home. Now you can shop using only your voice with Google Home. Sorry folks, this does not work on the assistant in Google Allo or on the Pixel.

Just like Echo and Amazon, all you have to do is say "OK Google, Order xxxxxx" and you will be rewarded with a list of matching products and pricing. At that point, when you hear the product you want just say Yes and it will be added to your cart. If you say no, it will move to the next item. Also, if you say No twice, the item will be put into your shopping list for future use.

All that needs to be done to set this up is to go to the Payments section in the Google App or Google Home app under the Assistant settings.

Google Express is now available in about 90% of the US and you can learn more about what you can buy and the process here.

Google Express is currently offering no membership services or shipping through April 30, 2017. This offer is valid for items purchases made using Google Home.