Pixel: Toast Skin

The nice people over at Toast sent me over a skin for review for my Pixel. I selected the Ebony, which is a dark color with the front panel option. 

When selecting your skin, you have some options including color, etching of an image, adding a front panel, and any custom text you want. Of course all of these option do add cost to the final product.

The packaging was simple and displayed the product nicely. It included everything i needed to get the skin installed like specific guidance and alcohol wipe to clean the device without damaging it prior to installation.

The wooden skin (yes it is real wood) has a thin backing that you need to peel off to make it sticky. However, I had a great deal of trouble removing one of the corners of the skin from the backing, and it eventually broke off. 

The back attached very easily and lined up perfectly with all of the openings. But the sides and edges you need to carefully roll the device to get them to adhere. Sides were okay with me but the corners didn't seem to stick reliably, and another broke off.

There are also small pieces to attach to the buttons to make them match the skin. Due to the tiny size I had some difficulty getting the lined up right.

The front piece installation was pretty straightforward and lined up perfectly. 

The nice thing is they offer a one time replacement if you screw up the installation. 

I found the skin concept to be very different from the cases I have used, and honestly prefer the cases for their protection. The price of the Toast was a bit high for me, but given the workmanship involved I completely understand why.

If you are interested in getting one for yourself. head over to www.toastmade.com