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Sponsored Post:  This is a Paid Post and I have not used or reviewed this product.  VPN for Sky Go: The Thing You Need for Free Streaming.

Sky Go is the UK streaming service of premium class, which is a companion to the Sky Go TV. You will not find many American TV shows there, but you will have an opportunity to enjoy live broadcasting of video games, review of new technologies. However, it is impossible to get an access to Sky Go servicer from the outside of the United Kingdom, unless you use Virtual Private Network.

You Virtual Private Network

VPN is a connection, which gives you an opportunity to hide your IP address and get a secure connection to the server you want. Thus, that is a good reason to your Virtual Private Network, as geo-restrictions of Sky Go, will not be able to define your country, and you will have a chance to enjoy its shows. Thus, usage of Sky Go VPN is a good option.

There other reason why VPN encryption is so popular is the level of security it provides. If you never thought about the secure connection, it is a high time to do so. There are a lot of identity thefts, and usage of VP is a good way to protect your data from them.

Best VPN Providers

As soon as you decide to use Virtual Private Network, the most problematic thing is to decide which provider to use. Your choice depends mainly on your purposes:
  • Open VPN is a good choice if you use Skype or VoIP, gaming websites or Netflix and Sky Go very often. This service will provide you with smooth and enjoyable access to your favourite servers and applications. There is even a chance to access these websites from your mobile network, but you need to use another Open protocol;
  • IPVanish is another good choice for you, as it does not keep logs, so your data is safe. It is also a great choice for Sky Go because this provider offers the fastest network in the United States and Europe. It also offers a mobile network connection, which works extremely fast, and as if you were locating in the United Kingdom;
  • Another option for you is to choose OverPlay, as it socializes at providing access to geo-restricted areas. What is more, it has SmartDNS, which will help you to unblock any channel without much aid and loss of speed. However, this factor is important only in several areas. 
In general, the best option among VPN provider is that one, who offers the best encryption and security level. Fast speed and low price sound good, but they are nothing if your data is not protected enough and somebody can have an access to it. 

Disclosure: This is a paid sponsored post and I have not reviewed or used this product. 


  1. You mean one has to pay for Sky Go subscription & VPN as well ?

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    1. They provided me with the post to put on my site. Glad you liked it tho

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