Project Fi: 2016 Holiday Gifts

Today, Project Fi started rolling what they call "World of Thanks". Essentially the "World of Thanks" is this years holiday gift to current Project Fi subscribers.

This year, the holiday gift is taking the form of a holiday-themed interactive website. Subscribers will have access to this site from December 5th 2016 through January 16, 2017. It will bring users different areas to explore with different "gifts" such as greeting cards, Google Play credits or facts and tips about Project Fi.

Users can go to to start playing around with the wonderland. What types of gifts, facts or Google Play credits are not known, but I am sure they will all be fun welcomed additions to this year's holiday season.

Some things users man need to know. Some activities may need access to your webcam. If you want to use that activity, you will need to grant permission to access that webcam. If you earn some Google Play credit, just click on the redeem button or you can simply copy the code and the instructions here.

If you find that people are using the greeting cards activity in an inappropriate manner, you can report hem through Fi Support here.  And to make sure you are aware of what Google's User Content and Conduct Policy consists of, you can see that here.

With that, I bid you all Happy Holidays and an awesome New Year. 


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