Pixel: Poetic Karbon Shield Case

I just received the Poetic Karbon Shield case for my 5" Pixel and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. This case has protection, looks, and a low profile all bundled into one.

The case fits my Pixel like a glove. Each corner has some reinforcement to help protect from corner drops. Unfortunately this was difficult to photograph, but it's definitely there. Every hole lines up perfectly and allowed all of my various cables and headphones to fit completely into their respective ports.  

The sides have some nice grip to give the phone some additional feeling of being secure in your hand. The one part that I liked the most was the back of the case. There is a carbon fiber inset to add some beauty and lightweight added protection.

The buttons, are covered by the case but they align perfectly. I was able to successfully take screen shots 10/10 tries. 

They even added some nice design to the inside of the case so if you aren't using it, it still looks nice on the desk.

This is by far my favorite case I have reviewed for the Pixel and has replaced the Poetic Affinity case that I reviewed here