Project Fi: Per App Data Usage

Project Fi today added a new data usage tracking feature. Users will be able to see specific data usages broken out by application. 

Users will need to be on Android Nougat, and have at least version K.2.7.20 or later of the Project Fi app. In addition, to the current data usage breakdown, there will also be access to see the breakdown of usage for recent statements as well. 

It seems to me that this will just be pulling the information from the data usage table on the device. Here you can see current usage as well as select a recent billing cycle from in the device settings. You can only see the data usage for the current device you are on, so it does seem that it is remaining local and just pulling the data from the device data settings screen.

It should be noted that if you are in a group plan, currently you cannot see the app data usage of group members.

Not sure this is a necessary feature since the device already has it, but let us know your thoughts in the comments. 


  1. Finally started getting this feature earlier this afternoon on my N6p on 7.1.1. The Fi app merely mirrors the data that's already available on the phone but now it's all in one convenient place. The data usage per app reported by the phone and the Fi app match exactly for this month so far. I did notice the data reported in past months (Fi is showing detailed data usage back to August) does appear to be off ever so slightly for a few apps but it definitely helps to identify trends.


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