Inbox: Templates and Canned Responses

Many people have been asking for Inbox to have features that are already part of classic Gmail, especially some of the Gmail Labs. Well, I am happy to tell you I noticed one of the more requested features has just appeared in Inbox on the web. Finally, users have the ability to create templates, or canned responses, in Inbox by Gmail.
Templates are a quick and easy way to create emails that you do in a repeated fashion. In Inbox, there is a new menu option in the Settings screen that will give you access to your Templates as can be seen in the screen shot. This is also where you can create any new templates that you may want.

If you were already using the classic Gmail canned response these templates will already be available in Inbox for you to use.

When composing a new email, there will be a new option in the formatting section on the bottom for quick reply that will let you not only select a template to use or manage existing templates, you can create a new template from a reply that you have already composed.  This will be easily identified by a different color header that will show you are in the template editor mode, where you can name your template and modify the contents.

I know this is yet another welcome addition to Inbox for all of you that currently use canned responses in Gmail.


  1. This is an excellent replacement for anyone tired of the lame signature option which always appends the signature to the end of the thread. It also allows you to have multiple signatures, such as personal and business. And, it enables you to place the signature in the current email body, instead of burying it at the end of the thread.

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  3. Templates is the feature that is the most highly discussed in the rating of I am very glad that it will be in the new inbox update.


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