Beseye Pro Home Security WiFi Camera

Home security is pretty important to many people. There are lots of home security cameras on the market that work with your WiFi. However recently I got my hands on the Beseye Pro Home Security Camera as a review product. 

This is not only a great camera, but it looks nice too. It's a 2.38mm, 125 degree ultra die angle, 2 megapixel Full HD camera. The camera works in dark rooms as it has high-illuminance night vision. 

The bottom of the camera has a magnetic round base. The base fits into a stand which lets you place on a shelf, or even mounted on the wall with the included mounting kit. In addition to the camera itself, it has a speaker and noise cancelling microphone that lets you hear what is happening in the room and allows you to speak to those in the room from your mobile device.

Installation was a breeze. I literally took it out of the box, plugged the included 10 foot USB cable into the included power adapter. Next I installed the Beseye Android app onto my phone and began the account creation and setup process.  I created a user name and password, then connected to my WiFi. Once connected to the WiFi, I need to keep the device right next to the camera in order to pair the camera to my WiFi. 

Immediately upon connecting to the WiFi, it recognized the camera software needed updating, which was quick and painless. 

Using the app was a breeze. You can set notifications for any movement or just human movement which is pretty cool if you have a pet. From within the app you can listen to what is happening and even speak to the people in the room where the camera is. 

With all of the hype now around the Google Assistant and Google Home, this camera is great since it works with IFTTT which is currently supported by both the Google Assistant and Google Home. 

This is a great product with a great design and I highly recommend it to those in the market for a connected home security camera.


  1. It can ideal thing that we have to put this security cam in our home in order for us to prevent from theft. Since this pro home security can be installed using a wifi device, so it can be more efficient and easy to use.

    1. I agree that home security using wifi is more easy and can be controlled via your mobile devices as well. So it is more convenient. They are better for theft prevention.

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