Inbox: Coming for Google Apps for Education

It seems people with GAFE accounts are getting some Inbox love this month. As most people know, Inbox was first only available for free Gmail accounts. Some time later Inbox was made available for Google Apps for Work accounts. 

Its been a while since that all happened and people with Google Apps for Education Accounts were left struggling to use both personal and education accounts on two different platforms. Well later this month, according to the Google Apps Administrator help pages, Inbox will be available for GAFE accounts starting on August 15.  As always, this date could slip, but that is what is on the help pages.

If your administrator has the accounts setup to automatically turn on new features, Inbox will be turned on by default. Otherwise, you will need to contact your admin to activate Inbox for your account.

Learn more here:

This is definitely another indication that Inbox is here for the long haul and not going anywhere.

Great news for all you education account holders.