Inbox: Clear Search History

A major complaint that I have seen in the forums and on social media about Inbox is that there is now good way to clear your search history.

Users of classic Gmail have an option to clear individual searches as described here. Inbox now provides a mechanism to clear you entire search history with just one click. Please note this will only clear the history in Inbox and Gmail, not your browser search history.

The process, as usual, is very simple. Just navigate to settings on the bottom left of the menu, click on Other, and you will see Clear Search History. Just tap on that and you will be presented with a popup asking if you want to clear your search history. This also provides a warning that it will remove from all of your devices, not just the one you are working with.

I know for many this is a welcomed addition to the Inbox feature set.

Hope you are enjoying Duo now that its available.


  1. Hey Scott,

    thanks for the article. The format for the train reservation is shown in . I haven't tried it out myself, though. Also, Google has a documentation on how the format for all kinds of "smart mails" needs to look:

    1. Thank you - i test this earlier this week. Train cards do get created in Inbox, but a trip is never created. I think there is more than just the schema that makes this work


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