Duo: Setup

As of today, Google Duo is out and available for everyone. Setting up Duo could not be easier. First step is to download and install Duo from the Play Store (or iTunes Store if that is your thing). Once installed, tap on the Duo icon to open and the setup process begins.

You will be prompted with a screen to enter your location and your phone number. This number should be your mobile number for the device you are installing the app on. After the number is entered, tap on next.

From there you will be prompted for a verification code. The code will be sent to your number through your default SMS app. I was using Hangouts at the time, and the verification code sent to me was automatically entered into the verification screen. But if that does not happen for you, just enter the code. The application will verify you and you will be all set. 

Click the Video Call button to start your first call. And bam, you are now off and Duo-ing.


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    1. It should be live in the next few hours in the US and couple days elsewhere

  2. Thanks, Scott! Much appreciated!!!

  3. Just received and installed on 2 phones - totally simple - really don't even need the instructions above.

  4. Thanks Scott ! Since joining Project Fi in January your helpful hints/tricks/instruction/opinions have helped me tremendously and I really appreciate it. The Duo download/setup was just plain easy and I love using it !


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