Inbox by Gmail: Newsletter Bundles

Update 8/9/16: Today, in the same vein as newsletters, Inbox updated its grouping of emails into cards. Starting today, Github, Trello, and Google Alerts will begin being bundled together so you can find them easily.

As with the newsletters and other bundles, these messages will all be grouped together in one nice packed. Each will have an associated summary card so you can easily see what is new. 

You can learn more about these here in the Gmail Blog.

<<<<<End Update>>>>>

The fun just keeps on coming with Inbox as they continue to improve on providing us relevant information in the most simple manner. Today, Inbox introduces Newsletter Bundles.  

Newsletter bundles, essentially creates a magazine rack for you in Inbox for each newsletter you receive. For newsletters that currently have this functionality, a heading card will be created and top stories will be highlighted at the top and new stories will indicated by bold headings. If you expand the bundle, a full history of earilier content will be displayed.

It seems that this will be similar to that of Trips as more emails related to the trip comes in, they are listed below the main trip card. See the example to the right of the New Yorker. Please note, not many newsletters are ready for this feature, but more will be added as quickly as possible.
Some items to note. You will not be able to turn of this capability, however there will be an option to unbundle each on an individual basis. These also do not have the ability to schedule when they appear as with other bundles. 

Although I dont get any newsletters personally, I particularly like this new bundle. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Thanks for the update Scott. Any ideas on how the newsletters are chosen? I am the curator of a weekly newsletter and would love to have my newsletter appear to my subscribers using this new functionality.

    1. Currently they dont offer the markup schema to cause this. Right now there are only 3 or 4 newsletters that work this way.


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