Calendar: Goals

Google Calendar is improving extremely rapidly it seems. Based on research it seems very few people actually reach their intended goals; so the Calendar team has been working hard to figure out how to help people achieve whatever goals that they desire. As a result, today they began rolling out a new feature called Goals

Goals allow users to choose from a set or predefined goal categories (Exercise, Build a skill, Family & friends, Me time, or Organize my life) and block flexible time on your calendar. Setting goals in Calendar will use automatic scheduling by searching for a free block of time based on the amount of time you choose for the goal. Even better, these Goals are flexible, in that if you need to schedule another appointment for a time you blocked out for a goal, Calendar will seek out the next appropriate available time slot and move your goal there. You can also defer the goal to the next time manually.

The Calendar team even including smarts in the Goals so the more you interact with the goals by marking them done. deferring them or rescheduling them, Calendar learns and begins to schedule goal sessions during the best times available for you. 

Creating goals will be rather simple and be a new additional item under the create FAB on the bottom right, along with Event and Reminder. If you select Goal, you will be prompted to select one of the categories referenced above. You will then be prompted with additional self explanatory questions. Upon completiong, Calendar will automatically schedule the sessions for the next 4 weeks. 
Goals will have what is called Smart Notifications that are presented to users the day prior and the day after a session to help you with preparation/follow up.

It should be noted that Goals will only be able to be created on Mobile, however they will appear on desktop with some limited action capabilities. 


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