Project Fi: Google Voice Features

I get lots of questions regarding Project Fi and Google Voice features. SPecifically, what features of Google Voice are included with Project Fi and what features are different. This has helped people in the past decide if they want to port their Google Voice number over to Project Fi or if they prefer to just get an entirely new number,

Project Fi, as many of you know, works somewhat on the bones of Google Voice and that leads to a bit of confusion. So if you are looking for how GOogle Voice features work on Project Fi, read on.

  • Place calls, check voicemail, send texts across platforms
    • Must use Hangouts for this to feature to continue
    • Can no longer use Voice website to view or send texts 
  • Call forwarding still works, with the exception of forwarding to other Voice or Fi #s
    • Anything already forwarding on Voice will transfer over to Fi
    • Forwarding rules, such as times or days will transfer over to Fi
  • Blocking Calls
    • Anything already set to be blocked with Voice will continue to be blocked in Fi
    • Block callers in Fi using the Contacts app
      • Slightly different from Voice in that it just prevents your phone from ringing, these calls will still come through on Hangouts or in Gmail
  • History of Calls and Texts through the Project Fi website
  • Voicemail transcriptions are included
  • Greetings can be set to different individuals or Circles
The following Voice features are not available at this time on Project Fi
  • Spam filtering
  • Recording calls or switching calls
  • Conference calling
  • Forwarding texts via email
Not a huge difference between the two, but enough to give some people pause as to what they want to do.

You can read more about the Voice Features on Project Fi here


  1. Any thoughts on default app messenger or hangout?

    1. Yes, I use Hangouts exclusively so I can text across devices.

  2. One feature I miss from GV now that I'm FI is the ability for me place a call from the web, where it could call any of my forwarding phones and display the GV #.

    1. I'm not following the last part of your statement.

    2. I get what you are saying, Robbie. I previously initiated calls via the GV site and sent them to one of my forwarded phones. One or two clicks online versus dialing 10 precise digits, and it was transparent to the recipient.


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