Satechi: iDesk Oraganizer

I so much need to have my things organized and in there right place, if not I am a nervous nelly. That's why I was so happy when Satechi sent me the iDesk Desk Organizer for review. This is like the multi-tool of desk organizers. 

its the perfect height and width to place in front of your monitor, although it can look a bit awkward when you use two monitors. One side of the organizer has a place to hold a cup of coffee or tea while the other side has a clip on the end of a bendable rod for attaching paper. 

On top you have a place for your phone while charging, although the size is way off for current phones. My smallest phone, Nuu N5L, was way to big for the cutout area. On both sides there are built in, safe to the touch, letter openers. There are slots for card type items, space for a square post it pad, pen holders, and a general catchall are for miscellaneous items. 

One of the best features is on the right hand side, 3 USB ports and the organizer has an attached USB cable to plug into a wall charger (not included) or you could use it to plug into your computer USB port. BUt why? Well, like a said this is the multi-tool of dek organizers, because in addition to all of the features listed above, this has multiple ports to insert SD cards of various sizes. It has the ability to read MS/MS PRO DUO, XD, SD/MMC, and Micro SD cards. Beleive it or not, I could not test out this feature as I do not own any SD cards of any kind.

Made of lightweight, strong, durable thermoplastic material, this organizer can be moved around easily as often as you would like without the worry it may break. i was really happy witht his product, despite not being able to, or having a reason to, use some of the features. 

It may be a bit pricey, currently at $39 on Amazon, but it sure does help keep my desk a bit organized.