iClever: Outdoor Wireless Speaker

iClever just sent me their Waterproof Outdoor/Shower Bluetooth Speaker to review for them. The packaging of this product is consistent with all of their other products, simple, clean cardboard box with basic printing to describe the product. Inside is similarly simple, with just a bit of plastic to hold the device in place and space to store the included cables.

There is a very, very short USB A cable to use for charging as well as an included 3.5mm cable to use with headphone jacks. There is a waterproof flap that covers the 3.5mm jack and the micro USB port for charging. In addition the bottom has a screw hole for mounting on a tripod for some reason. There is also an attached wrist strap, however most grown people will be hard pressed to get their hand in there.

The speaker is small, really small, about half the length of my Nexus 6P, but definitely a heck of a lot wider. The top has 4 enclosed, waterproof buttons for power, volume up, volume down and play/pause.  Unlike many other  bluetooth speakers I have used, this one does not include the ability to skip, forward or move back a song.

Connecting via bluetooth was as simple as expected, and I had no issues connecting to my Nexus 6 on Android N Developer Preview, my Nexus 6P on Marshmallow and my Nuu Mobile N5L on Lollipop. Sound quality was a bit thin, but clear. By thin I mean it seemed to lack the energy you expect from music. Maybe it was the lack of deep bass, but it seemed to be missing something in the sound. Increased volume, however, did not result in any distortion that I was able to notice.

I didnt submerge the entire speaker to test it's waterproofness, but I splashed it a great deal and noticed no ill effects.

Overall I think this is a decent waterproof speaker that for the price, is definitely worth consideration. You can pick one up on Amazon today, here.