iClever Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones

iClever recently sent me their new Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds, which right out of the box was very impressed with. The packaging was minimal, but sufficient and the design of the buds was well thought out.

They came with multiple tips to ensure a proper fit as well as a USB Micro cable for charging. Connecting the headphones to my devices was simple and straightforward without any difficulties or dropped connections. One of the features that is very important to me are inline controls that let you change volume, change songs, answer calls, and pause music and these were not lacking in that department.

I was pleasantly surprised as to the fit and comfort once I put these on and thought to myself these could become my daily driver for music during my commute. Initial sound quality was perfectly balanced between treble and bass.

Unfortunately, despite the promise noted above, there were eventual connection problems where the music had static and somewhat garbled. I thought it was a result of me walking around or maybe my device, but I tested this on three different devices, a Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, and Nuu Mobile N5L and had the same result.

You may have different results, but if the connection issues are resolved these would be a solid set of bluetooth earbuds.


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