Gmail: Bad Link Checker

Gmail is really taking security and protection seriously. They want to make sure Gmail users are safe and protected as much as they possible can. A few weeks ago they released encryption warning features as part of Safer Internet Day

Well this week, they took one more step to protecting users, this time from potential Phishing attacks. Most of the time, Gmail filters are pretty accurate at identifying Phishing or Malware emails. When they do, these emails are moved right to spam and all of the links are disable. But every now and then, a well designed attack can pass through. Well, Gmail has you protected their now too. 

Now whenever you click on a link inside an email, Gmail scans it for any potential malicious content. If this scan suspects anything, the user will now be redirected to a warning page like the one below for phishing:

or this one for potential malware:

 Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.19.00 AM.png

As you can see, this warns users of the potential suspected phishing attack and provides them to choose how they want to proceed. Users can go back, continue (at their own risk) or actually submit a report to Google. 

You an read more about this in the Gmail help center here

Hopefully this will be one more step in keeping us safe and the email boogeyman away.