Tweedz: Braided Headphones

How often do your headphones get tangled up in a bunch? Would be awesome for that to not happen. Recently I receive a sample pair of braided durable headphones from Tweedz for review.  The company touts these as tangle-free earbuds that are extremely durable

From a durability standpoint, these definitely live up to the claim. I let my son take them on the bus to school and they were sat on, thrown around, and stuffed into a backpack and when he gave them back to me, they looked good as new. Unfortunately, he is a fiddler and these were also returned to me in a jumbled bunch. However, unlike traditional wire headphones, these were extremely simple to un-bunch and make right again. This could be since the braided design was inspired by guitar strings, they were designed to reduce wire tangles, not necessarily eliminate them.

They come with three different noise cancelling silcone ear bud sizes to ensure a proper fit, and the softness was very welcome. At no point after a long commute were the headphones slipping out and they never became uncomfortable to me. The plug was sized just right so it can fit regardless of what style case you may have on your device.

These buds are pure headphones, with no in-line controls and no microphone, so they are perfect for using when you really dont want to speak to someone.

From a sound quality standpoint, these were lacking in a the bass department, however the vocals were so crisp and clear that it made up for the lack of bass. I listened to a variety of music with these and the sound quality never changed, the consistency was very noticeable. From Country, to Rock, to Folk, to 80's Rap i was able to enjoy the music fully.

They come in a variety of colors that are unique and stylish, they really let you make a statement. Packaging is minimal and simple, none of that calmshell plastic stuff that is difficult to open without a jackhammer.

The price at the time of this writing was extremely reasonable for the quality design and sound that these ear buds provided. You should consider picking up a pair of your own here.


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