Unified Inbox

Do you use email, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Linked In, What's App, and many others? Don't you wish all of the notifications can come into one central place that you can not only read them, but can also reply to the messages without having to leave that one program? 

Yes there are notification aggregating applications, especially on mobile platforms, however most of these don't let you respond from within the program. I am happy to say that I have discovered a system that promises to accomplish just that. Unified Inbox, is the Future of Communications. What they have in the works is so exciting that I could not pass up the opportunity to sign on as a member of their advisory team. 

Unified Inbox promises to provide one user interface that can be used for accessing all of your messages, allowing you to read those messages, and provide you the ability to respond right from one place. Even better, you will be able to post to all of your social media channels from one place. 

With their suite of products, specifically with their unification engine on the back-end and their Open Inbox open source UI, manufacturers, companies, and developers alike can work together with Unified Inbox to help users send and receive messages from a single, smart inbox, your Unified Inbox

Learn more about what Unified Inbox is working towards at UnifiedInbox.com