Project Fi: NYC to Become WiFi Heaven

Today NY Governor Cuomo announced plans for Transit Wireless to complete installation of WiFi access in all underground subway stations a full year ahead of schedule. It is now expected that by the end of 2016, all 278 underground subway stations will have WiFi access. Currently more than half of these stations already have WiFi access. In addition to the WiFi, Cuomo's plans include mobile payments and USB charging stations to be installed as well, although not on the same timeline. 

As mentioned in a previous post of mine, LinkNYC began the conversion of existing phone booths to Wi-Fi hotpsots with charging stations as well.   

As  Project Fi user, this can only mean incredible things for both my data usage and my Project Fi bill. As many of you know, Project Fi prides itself on being able to seamlessly
switch between Cell and WiFi and you only pay for the Cellular data you use. So, just like all of the other Fi users out there, I do my best to stay on WiFi as much as possible. I have succeeded for the most part and consistently use only about half the data that I subscribe to, about 1GB per month.  

With these developments, I stand a good chance of that usage dropping significantly. Although it is not known yet, it is my hope that the LinkNYC hotspots will be considered trusted hotspots by Project Fi as the installations are being done by Google owned business. It would be great to be able to just walk around NYC automatically switching from LinkNYC Hotspot to LinkNYC Hotspot, with a CableWifi or other open WiFi I have access to and use TMo and Sprint towers merely as my backup instead of the other way around. 

Only time will tell how this will all work together, but I have my hopes up and my fingers crossed for a time when WiFi really is first and cellular truly becomes our backup plan.