Keep: Remove a Reminder

Google Keep is an incredible tool for organizing your thoughts, lists, notes, etc. One of the great features is the ability to set reminders to your Keep Notes. So if you keep your shopping list on Keep, you can set it to remind you at a specific date/time or better yet you can have it remind you when you are at the grocery store. Pretty cool stuff. 

Sometimes, however you no longer need that reminder set and you need to remove the reminder. Removing the reminder is pretty simple, but I have seen lots of questions about how to do this. Open the note you want to remove the reminder from, and click on the small X in the bottom right corner of the note. That is all you need to do.

Like I said earlier, its very simple.


  1. Very simple if you can locate an "x" at the bottom of the page. My notes seem to be without. So...??

    1. Do they have reminders associated with them? Or are you just trying to delete the note itself?


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