Jelbows: Cushions for Your Elbows

Up until recently, when working at your desk, only your bottom had the luxury of a cushion. You are at work, typing away, with your bony process of an elbow just resting on that hard surface you call your desk. Well the kind folks over at Jelbows came up with a great solution - small round gel pads that you can place just about anywhere that you rest your elbows. So instead of resting on that hard surface, you have a luxurious gelatinous cushion under neath.

As a result, you no longer have the discomfort from this hard surface. They are soft, cushy, and sticky enough to stay in place, but not leave any gummy residue on you or the surface you are using them on. Another nice feature is that they are small enough to just throw in your bag and take them with you so you can use them at home, work, in the car, boat, or anywhere. 

They guaranty the product for a period of 12 months, but unless you are doing some rough work, I can see them lasting much, much longer. 

Simple Solutions for Common DiscomfortUnfortunately for me, once my wife saw these, she grabbed them up and has being using them all day and loving them.

You can pick up a set of standard Jelbows on Amazon.  Or if you want custom made ones with your logo, you can contact them directly through their website.