iOrange USB-C Cable

Recently, the kind folks at iOrange sent me their USB C 6.6 foot braided cable for review. This is a basic USB A to C cable that can be used with just about any charger that has a USB A port. The cable is nicely braided and is well built, with seemingly no way for the cable to kink, crack or brake.

The plugs fit nicely into the appropriate openings and I was even able to use with a case on my 6P. The cable does meet necessary specifications for USB rapid charging and rapid data synchronization. My experience with charging met expectations and I was not disappointed

I was happy to have a long cable such as this to add to my cable collection so I can have charging options wherever I may be. It comes in many colors and various lenghts, and price is dependent upon color and length, but at the time of this writing price ranged from $10.99 to $16.99

Please be cautious, however, when purchasing this, or any other USB C cable and make sure you are purchasing the real deal and from the manufacturer as there are non-conforming USB C cables that could be hazardous to your device.

Note, I was provided with this product free for the purpose of providing my honest opinion.