Project Fi: Device Protection

Today, Project Fi has announced that device protection is available for its subscribers.  Device protection will offer fast device replacement after damage, including drops, spills, cracks or mechanical failure. This protection will be in addition to the 1 year manufacturer warranty. 

For $5 per month, users can enroll their device and then will have a $69 deductible for the 5X and a $99 deductible for the 6P. If you need to make a claim on an enrolled device, simply contact support (, or 1-844-Talk-2-Fi)) to setup the next day replacement.

Unlike Nexus Protect from the Google Store, which gives you 2 accidental damage claims over 2 years, Project Fi device protections gives you 2 accidental damage claims over any rolling 12 month period. 

Since the device protection is billed on a monthly basis, if you leave Project Fi, you will therefore also lose the device protection. 

For more information on how to enroll, please see this post.