Inbox by Gmail: Smart Replies

Update 3/7/16: Inbox users of the Web can now begin to celebrate along with the mobile users. Smart replies are rolling out to desktop users as of today. In exactly the same fashion as mobile, smart replies are simply suggested answers to questions that may appear in a received email. Please read more below from my original post about this launching on Mobile, as the features and functionality are the same.

I am extremely happy to see this functionality bring parity between Mobile and Desktop.

Starting later this week, the Inbox team will be making the task of responding to emails just a little bit easier. I learned about this feature a few weeks ago when in Mountain View, but today they officially announced that this feature will be rolling out to users. The official announcement can be found here:

Essentially, when this update rolls out from the Play Store or App Store, users will be prompted with up to three possible quick replies based on the email you are replying to. You will have the option of selecting one of the smart replies or responding the way you normally would have. But what is nice is you can choose one of the smart replies and then add more to make it more personal or more detailed. 

When we were told about this new feature, there was concern over privacy, but rest assured, this is all based on algorithmic data, and nobody is reading your emails. As stated in the announcement, this feature is using machine learning, and will even improve suggestions for you based on responses you select. You can also be comfortable knowing that the suggestions that are provided will be suitable for work situations. 

As this has not officially rolled out yet, the images below are from the official announcement referenced above.