Inbox by Gmail: Custom Snooze Days

Here is some great news all of you Inbox by Gmail users have been waiting for. At least those of you that have been looking for more options with Snooze days and times. I have seen so many complaints about not having more options with regards to snooze times and days. Well a relatively new extension (came out in August, but I just came across it today) called Snooze times Google Inbox from Sign Painter is available on the Chrome Web Store here.

What the extension essentially does is use your current Snooze time settings and applies them to other days. So , you first need to set up your snooze times in Settings>Snooze. Once you have that set the extension adds 5 new snooze options to the snooze button: Today afternoon, Today evening, Tomorrow afternoon, Sunday morning, and Tuesday afternoon. These will all snooze to the day you choose and the time you setup in the settings.

I must say this is an extension that many people will find very useful.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Scott. It is a real productivity booster. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at


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