Inbox by Gmail: Copy/Paste Images

Updated 9/27/15: As of today, Inbox now offers the abilty to drag and drop images into a brand new email as well as when replying via a popout reply. Drag and drop will not work in a quick reply.

In addition, Inbox now allows for copy and paste of images without the need to pop out the response.

<<<<<End Update>>>>>

Starting today, the Inbox team began rolling out the ability to copy images from a web page and paste them into the body of a message. Just right click on the image and choose copy image, or highlight text and images and copy, or even by dragging the picture into the compose window. 

It should be noted, this only works currently on the web version. Also, you must popout the reply for you to be able to paste into a reply message. It wont currently work using the quick reply in the inbox.


  1. Thank you for sharing the info ! :) Valuable function. ~ Jas ~ From Malaysia

  2. Thank you for sharing the info ! :) Valuable function. ~ Jas ~ From Malaysia

  3. Hello - I use Inbox primarily on my mobile devices. After several months (and updates), I have encounter a problem when I try to forward an HTML message. The forwarded message displays the coded text in place of the actual HTML image. I came across this blog while trying to google a solution... I have yet to find a solution. i hope you can help! Thanks

    1. What kind of devices and what OS are you using? Does it only happen on mobile or can you replicate this on desktop?

    2. I noticed the problem on my Android devices (samsung note 4 , samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet and Asus memopad tablet).

      I attempted to forward a html message, but the email wouldn't send (clicked on send several times with no luck). I was suprised to find that same thing happened when forwarding a text email. I hope you can find a solution.

      Please let me know if you need more info.

    3. Try clearing the app data/cache from the device. If that doesnt work try uninstalling and reinstalling the app


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