Inbox by Gmail: Rich Text Formatting

Update 6/03/16: It is clear the Inbox team is listening to user requests. Today Rich Text formatting on the web has been expanded to include a bunch of new options. With an expanded new formatting toolbar Inbox will now offer color options, font choices, and various font sizes.  It should be noted that when you are in a compose or reply that is not a popout, you will be presented with a more compact toolbar, but it will have all of the same options, just with some hidden behind a more option, which is indicated by an small upwards arrow.

Here are some images of the new formatting tools in the toolbar:

I know this is a welcome addition to the feature set of Inbox. 

Please be aware this change is only for the web interface at this time and not for mobile. 

<<<<<End Update>>>>>
Today, the Inbox team added a highly requested feature to the quick reply screen. Now you will have the ability to format responses with rich text using the same options that are available in the pop-out reply. 

Note, you will only have the same formatting options that are already inherent in the pop-out reply. There will be no new formatting options at this time.

This is rolling out on Web only at this time, and as always, is a slow roll-out to all users.


  1. Love Google has finally added these formatting options, but wondering why they didn't add all of them available in Gmail -- there is still no ability to change fonts or colors that I see. Hopefully at some point in the future they'll have the full Gmail formatting options.

    1. Agreed that is lacking at this time. Here is a workaround for you:


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