Make your Email Messages Fade Away

I know you all have heard of Snapchat, right? You send a message or photo and shortly after the recipient sees it, the message magically disappears. Have you ever wished for something similar with email?  Now you can, and this works in both Inbox by Gmail and classic Gmail. 

I wsa recently introduced to a product that enables this capability. I personally have no need for something like this as I am a strong believer that anything I write down doesn't need to disappear. I am not trying to hide anything from anyone. offers users the capability to make messages appear slowly and then disappear slowly after opening the message. It seems like the message disappears as you are reading each line. You  have two options with, you can install their extension for Gmail on the web or you can just append any email address with and the message will disappear after the recipient opens the message. 

I prefer to use as few extensions as possible, as eventually, the more you have, the slower your browser will work. So I did some playing around with this using the email appending method. For example you could use and all the magic happens behind the scenes. Below is the video from that shows how this works. You can do this from mobile and see the results as well in mobile. 

How do they do this? They claim they are not reading your emails, and the messages are immediately deleted from their servers after the recipient sees the message.  There are some limitations with this service, but it seems to work as designed. For additional information on, check out their FAQs.

Full Disclosure: I have no connection with this organization nor have I been compensated financially or with free product as of the time of this writing.