Inbox Clear Search History

There are many features from classic Gmail that are obviously missing from Inbox by Gmail. One of these features is the ability to remove an item from your search history.  If you all remember, Inbox and Gmail are just front ends for the same data, so whatever you do in Gmail is reflected in Inbox.

Many people lately have been asking about the ability to clear your search history from Inbox. As you can see below, the same search history appears in both Inbox and Gmail, yet the ability to delete this history is absent from Inbox.  

If you have an item that you searched for and no longer want that to be part of your search suggestions in the drop down, you need to go over to and perform the search, just don't hit enter.  When the search terms you want to remove appear in the suggestions, hover over the the terms and you will see an X over to the right. Click on that X and the suggestion will be removed from both Gmail and Inbox. 

Please note, you can only delete searches that you created, and system suggested searches can not be removed. You can identify system generated searches by noticing the magnifying glass to the left of the search term. Searches that you created will be identified by a little clock icon to the left.


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