Multiple Label Searching

We all have varying methods of how we organize our emails using labels in Gmail or bundles in Inbox. As we receive and file away more and more emails it can be a bit difficult sometimes finding how the email is labeled. This is where the incredible advanced search capabilities of Gmail and Inbox come into play. 

Let say you know you have some emails that are in more than one label/bundle. The search is easy, just use in:label1 in:label2, which will return all of the emails that are in BOTH labels/bundles, as shown below using Inbox by Gmail.

Lets say you are not 100% sure which label/bundle the email is in, you can use to OR expression to search multiple labels. For example, in:label1 OR in:label2. This will return all of the emails that are in label1 or label2, as shown below, again using Inbox by Gmail.

It should be noted that the OR expression must be in all capitals. In addition, if your label has a space in the name, you will need to use the hyphen to replace the space when using the boolean expression. The hyphen is not required when not using a boolean expression.


  1. Is there also a way to easily assign multiple labels? Like using autocomplete when writing labels and then add more by comma or something?

    1. You used to be able to but I dont think it works any more


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