Project Fi: Check Your Call History

Update 3/29/16: New post with call and text history

Update 6/12/15: Thanks to Alan Riley for bringing this to my attention. It seems the Google Voice history page referenced below does not show calling history from the Phone Dialer unless the calls were over WiFi. 

The main Project Fi website does not have the ability to view call history. You essentially have two ways to view your call history.

Phone App

In the phone Click on Recents, and then scroll to the very bottom and click View full call history. From there you will see a full history of all of your calls. You can choose All, Missed, and Voicemail.


From your browser, you should navigate to the Google Voice website. Please note, will automatically redirect you to your Project Fi account page. You can either go here and bookmark the page, or go to, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on Google Voice. 

Once on the Google Voice page, you can manage many of the Google Voice features that you could before, here we are focusing on call history. Future posts will discuss other features.

Click on the menu item History and all of your call history will be listed. 

Simple as that.


  1. This would be great (though somewhat disjointed), but the call history abruptly cut off the moment I switched from GV -> Fi. Any other suggestions other than "use the call history on your phone"?

    1. Unfortunately no. I suggest using the feedback option in the Fi app to request such a feature.

  2. And now there is an answer. All calls/texts made/received on phone.

    1. and calls/texts made in hangouts too!

    2. Yes those are written up here:

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