Gmail: Select All

There are many times when we need to select more emails than appear on the first page of results and perform an action on those emails.  

Selecting multiple emails is pretty simple, but not necessarily very clear to many users. 
  1. Enter your search criteria, open a label, Inbox, Trash, or what have you
  2. Click the Select All box above all of your emails. This will select only all that are on the viewable page, not the rest of the results
  3. At the top you will see Select all conversations xxxxx (replace the xxxxx for whatever your criteria was). Click on the and every message meeting that result will become selected.
  4. Perform the action desired.
See image below for an example


  1. Thank you for giving those of us who have minimal understanding of the four W's on how to do or command or, change settings, in any application! What is currently the best email app in your opinion that allows multiple sorting and other options?


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