Gmail: New Login Pages

Last week, Gmail introduced a new process for logging into your account. Now, instead of entering both your username/email address AND password on one screen, it is now a two step process.

On the first screen you are prompted to enter just your username/email address. Gmail then verifies that this entry is in fact accurate and a real Gmail Account.

On the second screen is where you are prompted to enter your password and opt whether or not to stay signed in.

According to sources on the Gmail team, this change was done to both prepare for future authentication enhancements as well as simplify the sign in process.

There have been many posts in the Gmail Product forum about this new process causing users more steps due to the two screen requirement.  The way I see it, that is not really the case. When entering your username on the first screen you still need to tab or click to the next button, and then on the second screen all you have to do is click the sign in button after entering your password.

On the old system, you still needed to tab/click to the next field to enter your password and then tab/click on the sign in button. Thus the process is the same number of steps.

It should be noted that if you are using 2-step authentication, you will still be prompted for your authentication code when necessary.


  1. Waiting for a page to load doesn't necessarily take much time, but I think it's fair to call it an extra step. Perhaps I will accept this change as a necessary evil, but it does reduce convenience. I prefer for computers to wait for me compared with waiting for computers. With the old page, the computer waited for me to hit tab or click in the password field. Now I have to wait for a page to load.

    Worse for me, this doesn't seem to work with lastpass any more. Maybe there will be an improvement, but I haven't needed to enter my gmail password for a while, thanks to lastpass.

    1. Tom thanks for your reply. For me, I stay logged in so I almost never see that page unless I am on a public computer.

      With your comment about Last Pass, I was told this morning that Last Pass should be working with the new login screens effective today. I dont use last Pass so I cannot confirm

  2. Yup, lastpass works now too


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