Exclude from Gmail Search

Gmail search functions are pretty powerful. The advance search functions can really help you find your emails in the most granular way possible.  One of the features I use often is the exclusion search. 

To perform a search exclusion, all you need to do is add the minus (-) sign in front of your search criteria. It is important to note that his feature works equally as well in Inbox by Gmail as it does in classic Gmail.

Lets say for example I am trying to find all of my Promotional emails after May 5th 2015. Enter this into the search box:

See below the search results.

Now, for what ever reason I want to exclude all the emails from Staples. Change your search to add the exlusion:

See here the results. Notice the results are identical, with the exception of the missing Staples email from above. 


  1. thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for (-search:criteria)


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