Placing Calls from Inbox

Have you been looking for a way to place calls from within Inbox by Gmail, in a similar way you can in classic Gmail? This feature has been available on the web since the launch of Inbox back in October. It actually is a feature that is available in most (if not all) of Google Products.

At the top of the page you will see an icon for hangouts - its the white bloated apostrophe icon. Click on that and you will see a list of all of your past hangouts with an option at the top to start a new conversation. If you click in the new conversation box it switches to search for people with a phone icon. You can enter a phone number or click the phone icon to look up your contacts with phone numbers. This will allow you to place a call to that contacts phone number as opposed to call that person hangouts to hangouts.

In addition if you set a reminder to call someone and their phone number is added to the reminder via assist, you can place a call by clicking on the word call in the reminder.

Its as easy as that.


  1. how can you call your friends

  2. how can you call your friends

  3. I don't have Hangouts but I used to be able to make calls from my gmail inbox by clicking on the telephone icon in the left pane, the in blue a clickable [the hand] link appears and a box comes up allowing me to enter the number with area code----now if include the country code or not an error message comes up saying I've insufficient funds-----previously I was always able to make phone calls within the USA for free.
    Again my Gmail interface Does Not indicate and never has anywhere "Hangouts"!
    What's going on?

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