Gmail: App Specific Passwords

If you are using 2-step verification, you will not be able to add your Gmail account to certain applications using the verifcation codes. When setting up your account in these applications, you will get an error message if you use your regular password.

I have seen a great deal of posts on the help forums stating "I entered my password correctly, but it keeps getting rejected". Every time I have seen this, the cause is the lack of an app specific password.

As I mentioned, you will only need app specific passwords if you are using 2-step verifcation. The following scenarios may need the app specific password, depending upon the device you are using.

  • POP and IMAP clients (Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, etc.)
  • Gmail and Google Calendar on smartphones
  • ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone
  • YouTube Mobile
  • Chat clients such as Adium
  • Picassa, 3D Warehouse, Sketchup, and other installed applications
  • AdWords Editor
To generate an application-specific password go the Authorizing applications and Sites Page and login if asked. Select the App and device from the drop down, and choose Generate. You will see a popup with your password that you should use when setting up your account on any application that would required the app specific password.

Note, you should only need to enter this password once for your application or device.

If at any time you want to revoke this access, just return to the Authorizing applications and Sites Page and click revoke next to the password you want removed.


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