Create Calendar Entry Using the Omnibox

Did you know you can create a Google Calender entry without even opening calendar?  Just entering pertinent information in the Omnibox in Chrome Browsers, will create a calendar item that will appear in your calendar accordingly.

Essentially, you have two options, create a generic, non specific item that you will have the opportunity to add details, or you can enter the details directly into the Omnibox and create the event.  If you create a generic item, you will be provided with a blank event card with a 30 minute time slot starting at the next half hour increment. The first video shows how to create a generic event, while the second video illustrates the process of creating a detailed event.

You can use the following keywords to begin the event creation process. Please note there may be others, but these are the only ones that I have tested:

  • Create/Add/New/Schedule Event....
  • Create/Add/New/Schedule Meeting.....
  • Create/Add/New/Schedule Appointment....
Generic Event

Detailed Event

It should also be noted that this feature works on mobile Chrome as well. 


  1. Thx! The shortest omnibox command I can think of is (for example a meeting at 3:30pm today):

    add event 330p

    I like this. It works from the Google app on mobile too.


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