New Contacts: Manage G+ Circles

Recently Gmail started rolling out a new Contacts Preview that sported, not only beautiful Material Design, but also more integration with Google+ contacts.

In the new Contacts Preview, you can view your G+ Circles, your G+ Contacts can be included in your All Contacts section (or not: see here for instructions), G+ profiles are included in your contacts details if they have a G+ Profile, and you can mange your G+ Circles.

Managing your G+ circles in the new Contacts Preview includes the ability to create, rename, delete and add people to circles. A convenient feature with adding a contact to a circle is the ability to also invite them to G+ if they aren't already a current user. This saves a step or so from this process in G+

Create a circle

Rename (Red Arrow) or Delete (Red Square)


 Add Contacts to a Circle