Inbox by Gmail: Cancel Recurring Reminders

Months ago, while playing with the newly released Inbox by Gmail, you decided to setup a recurring reminder. Now, months later, you no longer need this reminder, and despite marking it as done yesterday, the reminder shows up again.  This confuses you as you thought you marked it done yesterday, so why is it still showing up?

The fact that the reminder keeps appearing makes you realize, you didn't set an end date when creating the recurrence.  So how do you cancel this reminder now?  Just go into the Reminders bundle and find the reminder in question. It may be easiest for you to search is:reminder and a keyword in the reminder title, since the reminders are not sorted in order of due date, but rather in order of creation date.  Once you find the Reminder you want to cancel, just click the green check mark to mark it as done.

There you have it.


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